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How I went from culinary to cats...

Hello, I am Amanda and you are viewing this page because you must be in search of a little bundle of joy to add to your home. Before we get on to all the cuteness let me tell you a little bit about myself.

        I am a culinarian by trade who after many years and long hours on my feet in the kitchen, decided I wanted to do something different. I always enjoyed helping people, seeing the smiling faces of the guest, sharing in those special moments like weddings, anniversaries,  and birthdays... you know those feel good moments. But at the end of the day the culinary fields strenuous hours and demanding schedule left little time for me to share in those happy moments with my family and friends.

I decided to start working at home with a family business and in doing so found myself wanting to add an addition to our family, I have always been an animal lover. With my new position I was home now more and had more time to give an animal the proper life it deserves. I quickly fell in love with the Bengal cats and there was no going back. 

      I fell in love with the exotic look of the Bengal cats at first sight, they are beautiful creatures. The more I read about them the more intrigued I became about these hybrid cats. Part Asian Leopard Part Domestic.  A true mini leopard running around living rooms all over the world. 

    After a lot of research (which I hope/advise everybody does) I decided that I wanted to get one of these exotic cats and we did.

Not shortly after... I made the decision that  I wanted to share these beautiful, full of life creatures with others like yourself. 

 I knew I wanted to be part of this wonderful breed, so I established Chic Exotix your Florida TICA registered Cattery. I want to give back those smiles I once did to wonderful people like you but not thru filling the stomach, but thru filling the heart <3.

Here's to finding you the best kitten, creating new memories, and welcoming you to the

Chic Exotix Family!   

Contact me

Thank you for your interest we will get back with you shortly. Have a GREAT Day!

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