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Our Mission at Chic Exotix

                   Throughout my search  I had found it rather difficult to find the quality cats I was looking for and after a few "lessons" realized that not only did I want to share these cats with others I also wanted to give you the buyer a better experience than some that I had while trying to purchase. I realized thru my strenuous searching that you can find Bengals here and there but quickly realized that there is ALOT that goes into breeding these cat RIGHT and simply put...

Our mission at Chic Exotix is to

Breed Quality Bengals Right.

          Right meaning; with a purpose to better the breed and preserve all of the decades of work that has gone into bringing a wild cat from the wild, bred down to a beautiful pet you can enjoy in your home. A beautiful pet that has all of the aesthetics of a wild leopard hybrid from ear placement, eyes, profile and structure, down to personalities and ALOT of socializing to aid in amazing dispositions. 

         Part of doing this right is also acquired thru modern science. Blood tests or swabs to shed light on genetics for coloring but also the predisposition to feline diseases. We test these cats for genetic defects, illness, and heart conditions. All of these elements that " should"  be taken into count when breeding  but far more that you realize who dont. Each component lends to the betterment of how parings are done all in an effort to bring you the QUALITY Bengal I want to bring into this world and you deserve to buy. 

              We strive to find the BEST forever homes for our lil angles. Loving homes who have a place in their heart to give them back the love and best life they deserve. We prefer homes where our buyers are educated and informed so we provide each buyer  with our care sheets, applications, and contracts. 

                    If you end up being one of those forever homes you can rest assure that when you buy a kitten from us here at Chic Exotix we  strive to do things the right way to give your kitten the best start, and you the confidence to know you're buying from a reputable breeder.

            We make it our mission to make you feel confident that this new bundle will be healthy, happy, to add energy, love and laughter to your home  and family for many years to come.

We look forward to being part of your Bengal buying journey!

 And Remember When you buy one of our Bengals you become part of our Chic Exotix Legacy Welcome!

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