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Pricing Guidelines are as follows:
Pet $1650.+ Pending color, Early Gen. & quality (ex.Snows/Silvers +$200.)
Breeder $3000.+ Pending color, Early Gen. & quality (w/ approval /Reg Catteries)
*We do LOVE our Military as well as great homes/those who welcome siblings so please do ask about what our current pricing will be pending your personal situation.
** We may also have older kittens or young adult / retired breeders we may be looking to adopt out on occasion. These Bengals will normally range lower in price. If this is something that may fit better into your lifestyle please feel free to ask for details when we speak. In addition please add this in the text box on your application above!
Do You See a kitten you want your name next to??? Well there's a good chance somebody else may think that kitten is  just as cute as you do. We don't want you to Miss Out so we will be happy to provide you with a way to pay your deposit today to ensure you are one step closer to getting your precious kitten home asap. We have a variety of convenient deposit payment options; Zelle, Venmo, etc.
NO KITTEN will be HELD for Anybody witout Deposit. This is strictly and equally upheld to keep it fair for Everyone. Those who are local and have placed a deposit are welcome to come visit, pick,with appointment request (we ask for 72 hours min to accomodate).
Deposits are as follows:
$250. for Waitlist (for upcoming/litters born but not available yet)-this deposit goes towards your Kitten Purchase Price this an Excellent way to start working towards getting your Bengal Kitten while also giving you a bit of time to save. Once kittens are born or open for picking the order in which your waitlist deposit was received is the pick you get. We do ask you to have an idea of what you're wanting ( ex. Female snow mink) and which pairing (ex.from Armani/Cartier litter) 
$500. for Pet -this deposit is great when you want to secure a kitten in a litter that has already been born. You will be given a timeline and choices as soon as the waitlist has been filled. Any and all deposits will be applied towards your total purchase price.  After the time given litter/ kitten will be opened to public.
$800. for Breeder- this is reserved for those who are Registered catteries with approval only. We only sell Breeders on a limited basis to Ethical Breeders who we feel we can help mentor or have an established cattery or verifiable mentorship already in progress.
* Please be mindful that that we always have First Pick out of all of our litters as we are constantly striving to better the breed, and that starts with keeping our great lines at times. 
We realize that you the buyer wants to feel secure and buy in confidence. We will gladly send you a "Deposit Contract" upon receipt of a cleared deposit. This denotes the amount you have paid, as a deposit towards what, and when which will be signed and kept by both parties. 
As stated above ...Upon receiving a Deposit we will also do our best to accommodate an appointment for you to come and visit once the first set of Kitten Distempers has been administered. To ensure our, as well as our kittens Health and Safety we do operate as a "closed cattery" now more or less. We do ask for a minimum of 72 hours to accomodate any visitaion scheduing request. We are very busy, but will do our best!
In the past allowing pople to come in and visit the nursery/cattery area has lead to unnessceeary stress and contamination of germs. We are happy to show you Mom and Dad if they aren't breeding or at the very least we can show you via Camera which give us  24/7 real time viewing of our home. We understand that you want to ensure you're buying from a reputable breeder and that these animals are loved on the way they should be but with our own safetly and health in mind these are the ways we will accomodate any questions or concerns you may have. In addition we also have Nation Wide References where you can first hand obtain your own testamonials from some of our loving Chic Exotix Families upon request.
 We try our BEST to ensure that everyone involved from you the Buyer, down to all of us here at Chic Exotix are all safe, and feel confident when deciding to adopt your Bengal Kitten from us. We have given extensive thought to the whole process with my life's moto in mind "to treat others as I want to be treated" and feel very confident that with all the things we have implemented you can rest assure that when you choose Chic Exotix you, and your furbaby are treated in a respectful and ethical mannor. 
Well, I think this about covers all of the important stuff. We look forward to reviewing your Application, and chatting with you soon!
***Financing available thru Pay Pal with approved credit.