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      Thanks for submitting your request for one of our kittens, we will get back with you soon! 

Further Details on how to send in your VIP Fee upon approval will be provided at your request.

                                   PRICING  QUICK  BREAKDOWN
VIP ( 12 month)  SERVICE
This is a Non-Refundable nor Required but Extremely Recommended Service for those who want a Set Color, Gender, and Little ASAP. Its Benefits are MANY and often the only way to get a little here at Chic Exotix as we are Now Customiszing our Pairings for our VIPS.

are given exclusive access to every kitten per spot and criteria as discussed and set up in your Custom Bengals Kittens Buying Portfolio. Each VIP receives a One on One Phone Interview which we discuss your Family, Lifestyle, Children, Other Furbabies and ultimately your "PURRfect Bengal /Dream". As VIP you are given full access to prior to any public availability to pick or pass (no penalty up o 12mo) often leaving none remaining. There are so many added benefits of the VIP but very simply and honestly put if you're not a VIP we simply cannot say when we will even have a kitten for you if you remain "public". You have 12 months to make your doing so you receive a VIP discount for being a VIP. If you extend past 12 month you can re-up to retain your spot or if you chose not to your spot and service fee are relinquished. Should you choose to return after this you will be required to start over as a New Customer with updated Application and VIP fee should you choose to join again. 

*Non-Refundable is Required no Kitten is Held Without Deposit Period!

PURCHASE  PRICE is Assessed and Discussed per Adoption.
We will discuss during our Entry Interview, and Again at time of Reservation if you are a taking advantage of our VIP Service.

Pricing is on a " Base Plus +" Guidelines As Follows and Broken into Four categories: 

-KITTEN PET  Bottom Base Pet Quality Starting At -and UP...
-Pending color, Early Gen. & quality 
Most of our kittens are now Boasting Specialty Colors / Carrying multiple Genetics & Top Quality.
As a Cattery Specializing in Top Quality Kittens, we ALWAYS will continue in our mission to Better our Kittens and Program while we help Better and Preserve this Beautiful Bengal Breed .
-We do NOT deny any kitten to be a Pet because they're Breeder Worthy. We don't believe in reserving them as "Breeder Home ONLY". Pets of this quality will be simply priced at a median between our Pet & Breeder pricing but include all the Pet Amenities. Here at Chic Exotix we believe EVERYONE deserves the BEST of the Best Quality as Breeder or Spoiled Pet.

KITTEN BREEDER  BASE Starting At: ++ Pending color,Quality Early Gen.& Rare Stacked Genetics (+ per Genetics/Rarity/Generation) w/ approval /mentor/references/ TICA Registered Catteries.
We are limiting selling Breeders at this time. We don't just want to sell breeders but would rather embrace working with a Limited amount of Breeders. Simply Put....Here at Chic Exotix Breeders ONLY go home to be Loved, Cared For, and Spoiled by those who we feel we'd like to WORK WITH and HELP GROW while BETTERING THE BENGAL BREED... NOT JUST those we can SELL TO!

RETIREE PET  Starting At :
RETIREE BREEDER  Starting At : Per Case Inquire  
(Many Factors go into pricing including but limited to ; Age, Number of litters, Never Bred, Color, Generation, Personality, Hormone Impacted Behaviors, Why they're being retired etc .) 

Best of luck as you continue to do your research we know this is not an easy process and I always remind our family's that I've been in your shoes many times. Thru all those process I've learned along the way the things I liked and didn't care for. I aim to treat others as I want to be treated. I Breed with Integritym and Heart and our Babies Shine From the Inside Out!

  We're dedicated to health, socialization and helping Match you with the BEST Bengal based Benagls personality and your Family and Lifestyle Dynamics. Not EVERY Benagl is a good fit for you and so may require early picking prior to Health Certification (Require by Florida State Law prior), Development, letting them get a bit closer to coming home to avoid long tumultuous waiting after reserving, and all of this allows their Color, Coats and Personalities to SHINE!  We're not just about saying our littles are all Reserved as soon as they're born but waiting to Match each of our Littles with the BEST Forevers and that takes the right process awarding the time to let our littles SHINE!  

If you've decided that you'd like more information on this Beautiful Bengal breed, and joining our Chic Exotix Family I look forward to seeing your In-Coming Applications (top of the page) and Speaking With You ALL SOON!!!  Off and running to clean more litter boxes LOL

Health and Pawsitivity,
<3 Amanda/Chic Exotix Family



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