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      Thanks for submitting your request for one of our kittens, we will get back with you soon! 

Further Details on how to send in your VIP Fee upon approval will be provided at your request.

                                   PRICING  QUICK  BREAKDOWN
PET: $500.-
Breeder: $500.-
 (highly suggested for those wanting set color, gender or with desired timeframes as ONLY those who are not chosen if any make it to public availability)).
If you're focus is if its refundable then we respectfully wouldn't find reason or approval for you being added to the list at this time. We don't offer this to take $$$ but as pre- commitment for us both knowing you feel that Chic Exotix Bengal is the Best  Breed & Breeder for you. Once ready and paid VIP your spot is held and Service is rendered as we will chat and come up with a Customized Plan for matching you/your family with your "Perfect" Bengal. ALL VIPs are given exclusive access to every kitten (per spot and criteria) prior to any public availability often leaving none remaining. There are so many added benefits of the VIP but very simply and honestly put if you're not a VIP we simply cannot say when we will ven have a kitten for you if you remain "public".  If for ANY reason you're unable to follow thru with your plans at any point you would be given a credit for when you return within a reasonable time of 1 year from date.

PET: $500.-
BREEDER: $1,000.-
*Non-Refundable Required no Kitten is Held Without Deposit Period!

Pricing Base + Guidelines As Follows and Broken into two categories: 

-KITTEN PET  Bottom Base Pet Quality Starting At :$2,250.-and UP...
-Pending color, Early Gen. & quality (ex. Base Snows/Silvers starting +$250)

-Most Currently (2022 were and now in 2023) Starting at 2500++ :
Most of our kittens are now Boasting Specialty Colors / Carrying multiple Genetics & Top Quality. (Many range within +$ 500 of base so Average Range of 2500-3000 for pets this last year).
As a Cattery Specializing in Top Quality Kittens, we ALWAYS will continue in our mission to Better our Kittens and Program while we help Better and Preserve this Beautiful Bengal Breed . While we retain our "BASE PLUS PRICING" Period  for our Specialized Program. We believe our VIP/Families will find many of our Striking Kittens in a Variety of Colors, Boasting Stunning Bold Patterns, Hand Raised with Love within the average stated above.

**On occasion we may have very Rare Litters outside of the Average these are as listed below.

-We do NOT deny any kitten just because they're Breeder Worthy. We don't believe in reserving them as "Breeder Home ONLY". Pets of this quality will be simply priced at a median between our Pet & Breeder pricing and you will still get the hundreds of inclusive Pet Benefits just as listed above wrapped into the one inclusive price.  As a Breeder striving to Always bettering my Bengal kittens,  I feel Pet families should be treated equally and as such we will place an Extremely Rare Color or 100% Breeder Quality Bengal in your home just mention this to us if you're wanting the creme de la creme lol I also want that WOW and you deserve that too.  Bottom line Here at Chic Exotix we believe EVERYONE deserves the BEST of the Best Quality as Breeder or Spoiled Pet.

KITTEN BREEDER  BASE Starting At: $3500.++ Pending color,Quality
Early Gen.& Rare Stacked Genetics Starting @ $4000.++
(+ per Genetics/Rarity/Generation) 
w/ approval /mentor/references/ TICA Registered Catteries.
We are limiting selling Breeders at this time. We don't just want to sell breeders but would rather embrace working with a Limited amount of Breeders. Simply Put....Here at Chic Exotix Breeders ONLY go home to be Loved, Cared For, and Spoiled by those who we feel we'd like to WORK WITH and HELP GROW while BETTERING THE BENGAL BREED... NOT JUST those we can SELL TO!

RETIREE PET  Starting At :$950- Base (Most Average of 1250-1500)
RETIREE BREEDER  Starting At : Per Case Inquire  
(Many Factors go into pricing including but limited to ; Age, Number of litters, Never Bred, Color, Generation, Personality, Hormone Impacted Behaviors, Why they're being retired etc .) 
*Each kitten is observed until we open for picking once health verified, color and personality development.. The base + pricing will be set when you pick so if we haven't already discussed this please ask Especially if it makes the difference of a few hundred dollars on who you choose. If it is not mentioned I will assume we discussed this and you're fully ok with that.

Kitten Pricing Includes : initial wellness exam, all age appropriate FVRCP Kitten Vaccines (generally 2), routine Deworming(s) for Giardia, Coccidia, Worms etc. Fecal test negative within no more than 30 days prior to homing (usually 2wks), Feline Leukemia Blood Test, Feline AIDS Blood Test, USDA Certified Vet issued Wellness Exam denoted on USDA Florida Health Certificate  
stating the animal has been inspected and shows NO issues in accordance to its guidelines and is certifying that the said kitten is suitable for rehoming and healthy.
Spay/Neuter (if Pet), Microchipping, Health Guarantee (per contract guidelines/kittens) and Help Guide to Better Bengal Kitten acclimation & transitioning. Chic Exotix is a Fully TICA Registered Cattery specializing in Hybrid Breeds.

Please Remember -NO KITTEN Nor VIP List Spot will be HELD for Anybody without Deposit. We continue to get repeat inquiries from our Nation Wide family', their referrals, and/or New Family's  This is strictly and equally upheld to keep it fair for Everyone.

Best of luck as you continue to do your research we know this is not an easy process and I always remind our family's that I've been a buyer many times. Thru all those process I've learned along the way the things I liked and didn't care for. I aim to treat others as I want to be treated. If you've decided that you'd like more information on this Beautiful Bengal breed, and joining our Chic Exotix Family I look forward to seeing your In-Coming Applications (top of the page) and Speaking With You ALL SOON!!!  Off and running to clean more litter boxes LOL 
Cheers & Have a Blessed Day Everyone,
<3 Amanda/Chic Exotix


Pet $500. for  VIP Waitlist
Breeder $500. for VIP Waitlist- 
This is for upcoming &/or litters born but not opened up yet to pick yours but you want to Ensure you get a Pick -this fee is to secure our VIP LIST spot.We issue this as a Non-Refundable service and as such THE MINUTE we confirm receipt and send you your "Official Congratulations to the List" this service is rendered. The ONLY exception to this being Non-Refundable is if we go out of business or if we become made aware of factual information or feel that YOU are not a home worthy of providing one of our Bengals with the Best Home and Family for you and the kitten. If you even need to feel concerned about it being refundable then we DO NOT want your $250 nor you on the VIP LIST. We look at this list as a Pre-Commitment and as such may very well lose other families due to the length and or time frame of our list and the $250 is NOT worth it to me to hold a spot for an iffy family while lose a serious family. I mean this is absolutely no disrespect to anyone in any way I'm dedicated to you finding the best breeder for you and the best family's for our littles and that's what's most important. Once you've researched the Bengal breed, Chatted with me, searched around and feel 100% certain that this Breed as well as Chic Exotix is the right fit for you and your family's needs I look forward to adding you to the VIP List>
Pet Deposit $500 
Breeder Deposit $1,000 (Reserve set Bengal)-
 This is for those who are PICKING from the VIP List and or for those who may be available on the Website Under "Kittens Available" Otherwise. PLEASE NOTE, I WILL NOT GUARANTEE that ANY kittens will remain after we go thru the VIP LIST. Only in the event that enough people on the VIP List have "passed" on any set kitten will that kitten make it to Public Availability and as such be uploaded to the Website. This is why you do NOT see many at all up on here... typically if any in a rare case are remaining its pretty typical that just in the day to follow the completion of the list that we get inquiries and or that check back in per our instructions and pick before I even get a chance to upload them on here. Last time all were chosen who made it thru the list within 48hrs so None made it up here and only an special few family's who had just filed out applications/reached out scooped them up and gave them great forever homes. This is why the VIP list is SO Important if you have set colors, genders, timeframes etc Information on this Great low cost service Option directly BELOW!

Breeder on Limited Basis... Why?
 It's more important to me that a Breeder must have/be open to mentorship, possess similar goals to better the breed, demonstrate a vast knowledge of the breed, knowledge and appreciation for Always striving to gain more Knowledge in genetics both health and color related (or eagerness to learn as this is Never going to stop..there's Always new things to learn), must be first driven by their own ambitions & not needing to be forced to want to excel, preparedness with regards to proper housing/husbandry and or budget to absorb those requirements along the way as you grow, and Most Importantly MUST posessess a deep routed love, passion for the breed and living beings/creatures, self pride, honesty and must demonstrate integrity.We do not place Breeders with non registered catteries, BYB (Back Yard Breeders) or those just wishing to;- "Not Breed but only want to have a litter or two some day down the road"-"... oh I just want want to have a litter for family and friends"-"not wanting to spay or neuter because I've heard it's better for them to be intact because of health benefits and or happiness after 1 litter"In my opinion as it pertains to my Chic Exotix Bengals ...Its entirely a health and flourishing hazard to keep our Bengals in tact with no intensions to breed due to the risks of Pyometra, and Hormonally Compromised Behavioral Habits that happen when our Bengals are left in tact. Our Chic Exotix Bengals tend to run much more hormonal than regular domestic breeds. Bengals have displayed going into heat as early as 3.5 months here within Chic Exotix lines, and or reach a sexual maturity. An unaltered Chic Exotix Bengal may lend to negative behaviors that if left unaddressed may lend to bad habits and risk a Bengal being mistreated, unfairly punished, less loved, or possibly even surrendered to a new home or worse a shelter/ let loose and that is NOT going to happen. Its in my BEST interest for our Bengals overall wellbeing that we are not promoting Pyometra and/or Behavioral spraying that would be deemed ill mannered  (yet entirely instinctual) marking as a direct result of not spaying or neutering and placing one of our Bengals in an ill prepared, misguided and/or Aspiring Cattery not yet ready or equipped (physically or monetarily) to receive a Chic Exotix Breeder. A Chic Exotix Bengals health and wellbeing becoming compromised (or even worse Death) by placing a kitten/cat as a Breeder inappropriately... simply will not happen. For all of the reasons above a thorough screening is the only way I will permit a Breeder being placed with one of our Chic Exotix Lines, and only if I feel we're compatible will you be considered with approved Application (Above) and be prepared to Talk With Me.If you're not prepared or willing to answer questions and feel you have not met the above criteria then we respectfully ask that you not waste your time in requesting a Chic Exotix Breeder be permitted and placed in your care. However, We do not discourage you inquiring to gain knowledge, information or tools to help you learn. There are no stupid questions as someone once told me "the only stupid questions are those never asked...". We want to help, educate, and advise but there are simply no special circumstance worthy of  misplacing one of our Very Loved Chic Exotix Kittens in tact and in the wrong home. Please do not hesitate to ask questions as we're always eager to help, but Please do not be offended if we choose not to work with you. If we choose not to approve you for a Chic Exotix Breeder its only because we want to also find the Best Breeder to work and Compatibility all around is a huge part of our mission as well. Simply put we are Not the Best Breeder for Everyone and we will not just take your money and not support you 100%.  If given the free time we enjoy sharing knowledge, helpful tips, and redirection but simply can't place a Breeder just because you're wanting to Breed.Please take it as the utmost respect that we Don't just take your money as we charge way more for a kitten then not be there to help; educate, support, and promote building your program. While we could just make more by placing our Top Quality Bengals as Breeders all over we TRULY try to preserve our lineages and all the work we are currently doing, as well as all those before us who trusted us to handle their/our lines with care. Please help us all preserve this breed while bettering it and if we have chosen to work with you Please give the same Respect, Care, and Diligence to this Breed and stay Honest and True by Not just selling Breeders to Anyone. If we have chosen to work with you we expect you to also keep your commitment to us that you made NOT focusing on the financial benefit of upselling Breeders to Everyone and Honor ALL Aspects of our contract so we can continue to Grow, Enjoy and Preserve this Breed while Bettering it TOGETHER.

*What happens if I don't see what I want remining for my pick?   No worries at all Chic Exotix is just as dedicated to you and your family finding the perfect new addition and strongly feel that each kitten has the right family out there. With this said you simply choose to pass and then move up on the list the amout of spots that all those who did choose their kitten.
*What happens is life happens and I need to wait? No worries just communicate this with me. I FULLY understand that things happen and if its just not the right time that's fine. Id really appreciate it if you let me know this ASAP because again I always have others inquiring and if I know you may need to wait for a later time that's fine because if I know I can fill another spot with somebody that wants a kitten very soon.
*What happens if I just go somewhere else? In the event that you go elsewhere then we congratulate you on finding your perfect fit and we feel that's most important whether you get a Chic Exotix Bengal or Elsewhere. If you intend to get another then its your job to let us know this and we will hold your credit for up to a year later in a non-active status. I do ask that you reach out during that year to update me on your future plans as they pertain to still getting a Bengal Kitten from Chic Exotix. If 365 days pass with NO communication I will assume that there are no future plans to get a Chic Exotix Bengal and your Non-Active status will be placed as permanent. So long as you make an effort to update us that you wish to keep your spot Non-Active for X time frame (up to the next 365 days) then we will keep it noted as such. If you have no intention of ANY future business with Chic Exotix or Do Not reach out in a full lapse of 365 we will De-Note this similarly. 
*Do be Mindful that we WILL honor whatever we discussed with you on Any Pricing Base+ guidelines so long as your VIP List status is ACTIVE and or within the timeframe we discuss with you. However we cannot guarantee that the Price Rates that you had when you placed your VIP List Spot are the same once your spot goes to In-Active and or more than 365 days have passed. After a FULL YEAR of you choosing to pass and or in-active status our prices are subject to change and therefore while your VIP discount will hold its full value off your final purchase price within these active timeframes we are an Ethical Bengal Breeder dedicated to Bettering the Breed. With Bettering the Breed we are ALWAYS aiming to enhance our Quality here at Chic Exotix and this is NOT limited to just what our Bengal kittens look like but also our dedication to Health, Housing, Enrichments, and Wellbeing. Should our dedication in ANY or ALL of these areas (New Quality, Lines, Vetting, Testings, Housing, etc) start to incur an increase in our costs then we reserve rights to increase our pricing as well.  ( Our current pricing will be denoted on here)  

DISCOUNTS AND SPECIAL PRICING (one discount per purchase) :

*We do LOVE our Military as well as great homes/those who welcome SIBLINGS so please do ask about what our current pricing will be pending your personal situation.
We offer $100 Back for Military OR
Sibling Discounts of $200/$300 off per pair (must reserve 2 spots)
(we will give you the higher discount of the two if applicable).
We appreciate those who fight for out Great Nation and as a "Navy Brat" with past and current active Military Family Members I decided that I would do our "Benjamin Back" for those who serve/served. (Military ID or Proof=Discount)
As far as siblings... No siblings do not cost less to raise we just feel that Siblings thrive so much better is so many ways and we are dedicated to this breed and appreciate that so we have decided that offering a give back for that as a courtesy was important.

Retirees Starting At $950 + (Most Average 1250-1500) as Spoiled Pets -As breeders we may be looking to adopt out our Wonderful Queens and Kings into Pet Homes on occasion. These Bengals will normally range lower in price Not because they are insignificant because they're anything but. Retired Breeder are GREAT for those family's that want a TOP Quality Registered Purebred Bengal. Those who may not feel that the higher price of the youngest kitten fits in their budget, lifestyle, energy level etc BUT also feel that rather than deciding that getting a kitten that's either Not Papered, From a BYB, Sick, and or Just somebody looking to sell a cheap kitten without doing ANY of the health protocols perhaps an older Bengal may be best. If you want to ensure that you're not getting scammed or taken advantage of  from an unethical breeder the Retired Breeder is a great option. Retired Breeders are the BEST of BOTH WORLDS in my opinion because you get a top quality registered Bengal that's still got a lot of life to live and love to give and obviously was SO AMAZING because if I or a reputable breeder chose them, they should be ALL that and so much More! If this is something that may fit better into your lifestyle please feel free to ask for details when we speak. In addition please add this in the text box on your application above! We don't have retired Breeders steadily but may have upcoming plans and or even say a Kitten and a Momma combo. Just mention and Ask!

<If You feel you want to join the CHIC EXOTIX FAMILY ...
Remember to come fill out the Application and secure that spot on the VIP LIST TODAY FOR ONLY $500!!!! 

 Once we speak should we Both feel that a Chic Exotix Bengal is the right fit for everyone we have a variety of convenient payment options; Zelle, Venmo, Cash App, PayPal etc.
***Financing available thru Pay Pal with approved credit.
PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

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