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PK: Negative thru heredity

PRA: Negative thru heredity

Colors: Brown

Tiffany named after the diamond she is.. She has medium rosettes, tri-coloring, beautiful striking green eyes good; flow, profile, structure, whisker pads, and a very vocal personality. She holds a special place in our hearts as shes our first Bengal here at Chic Exotix. Tiffany loves to play with teasers, but also likes her solitude, being that she is very vocal she certainly doesn't have a problem holding a conversation and will tell her other kitty friends if she wants space lol. Tiffany is very affectionate and enjoys being held like a baby and having the bridge of her nose rubbed (something I did as a kitten to put her to sleep). She has a very nice pedigree and happens to be the half sister to Cartier and they share in the champion blood lines from one of TICAS Supreme Grand Chapmpion on their Sires side.With all of her beauty, genetics, and personality we are very excited to see the kittens she will bring in 2019. She will be bred  for the first time and kittens will be available the first part of 2019 and we couldn't be more excited!

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