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Birth Date:04/06/2016


PK Def: N/N

Colors: Silver, Charcoal, Snow Lynx, Dilute, Brown, Melanistic

Hennessey is a Silver Charcoal Bengal. She has a great body type weighing in around 10lbs. she is a very solid  and strong female with a great Bengal body. She will capture your attention with her  large round green eyes, her tight pelt boasts a spotted pattern with great contrast and flow. She has a great profile and  ear placement, and her very diverse genetics allow her the possibility to have rainbow litters. She came to join us in the fall of 2018 as a proven dam. She usually has large diverse litters of healthy kittens to which she is a great Momma. In her free time she enjoys being pet and loved on. She enjoys playing with her balls, it's not uncommon for her to be chasing one around or even carrying one in her mouth like a dog. We are very excited Hennessey came to join our family here at Chic Exotix and can't wait to see her amazing kittens in early 2019.

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