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  Born 12/24/2017

PK: negative (UC Davis)

PRA: negative (UC Davis) 

Color: Brown                                             

                  Cartier is a brown spotted tabby.  She has a very unique coloring and while some say it may look silver she is a cool brown based on heredity. She has  a very dark  inky rosette pattern with great contrast, good; profile, ears, whisker pads, striking green eyes and a very carefree  and sweet  personality. Cartier enjoys playing with teasers, balls, and cat naps she has a very chill personality and loves everybody once she gets to know you. Cartier has great lines in her pedigree and has bloodlines from one of TICAS Supreme Grad Champions in her Sires side. I'm sure her traits both physically, genetically  and spiritually will pass on into her mothing skills and kittens. . Cartier will be bred and we look forward to her beautiful kittens and seeing what a great Mom she will be.             

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