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                                                                            PalmWoodBengals KaganofChicExotix

Birth: 08/28/2016


PK Def: N/N

Colors: Brown, Snow Lynx, Charcoal, Melanistic

Kagan is a Brown Spotted Tabby male with a tri-color rosette pattern, green eyes, great; profile, huge neck/ head, thick tail, and ear placement. His pure white breast/under belly is pristine and often hard to find in an adult cat as it usually changes into more of a tan in many Bengals after the kitten stage. Kagan has great genetics which give him the ability to sire a rainbow litter including; browns, snows, melanistics (black), and charcoal. Kagan has a solid/strong muscular build like his wild ALC ancestors and  even though shy at first once you "pass the test" he opens up with a very loving great personality. Kagan enjoys playing with teaser toys, his tunnel, and his catnip... which makes him act a little funny. He enjoys having conversations with me  and never fails to run right over to get all the attention and love he can. Kagan came into our program here in the fall of  2018 as a proven stud who has sired many healthy litters including EG. He loves all the ladies and if he had it his way would entertain them a lot more lol. With Kagans type, traits and personality we are very excited to welcome him into our family here at Chic Exotix and can't wait to see the amazing kittens he sires in 2019. 

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