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PK: Negative thru heredity

PRA: Negative thru heredity

Colors: Brown

Kasha is an Early Generation F1 Brown Bengal with rosettes, great exotic coloring and patterning, beautiful striking  large ALC eyes good; flow, profile, structure, whisker pads. She holds a special place in our hearts as shes our first Early Generation Bengal here at Chic Exotix. Kasha loves to play with teasers, but also likes her solitude. Kasha is very affectionate towards her CE sister Fendi and its not uncommon to see the two of them enjoying girl time, wrestling around and even bathing each other. Being an F1 and sired by and ALC it has been such a great experience seeing all the similar as well as differences in her beautiful appearance as well as mannerism. She is very quick and in a matter of seconds will go from the ground to 8ft in the air. Her F1 nature is most present in her love for being up high and climbing. We are so thankful to CJ of Kharistan who gave us the opportunity to work with an EG line and welcome Kasha into the Chic Exotix family. We love having her here and watching her grow. Kasha will be bred in 2019 and we are so excited to see the wonderful F2s she will produce for all of you who love the Early Generations. 

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