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Birth: 5/29/2018


PK Def: N/N

Colors: Mink, Brown, Charcoal (thru Apb gene)

Fendi is a mink girl with a great profile, ears, and striking baby blue eyes. She also has great contrast and medium size rosettes. Fendi came to join our home with the intension of helping us with a beautiful mink/charcoal line. We have been enjoying all her kitten years, her playful nature and love for fetching, snuggling and never ending purring. Fendi enjoys playing with her sisters whos she's always teasing and has such a zest for life . We are very happy Fendi came to join our Chic Exotix family and love all that she is. We plan to breed her in 2019 and can't wait to see all the snow babies she brings into this world to share with you. 

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