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Born: 3/12/2018

PK Def: Negative

PRA: Negative

Colors: Brown, Sepia, Dilute

Armani is  brown with a very large rosette pattern "clouded" . His glittered shining silky tight pelt makes it a pleasure to pet him, which I'm sure he doesn't mind.. He has large green eyes, great whisker pads, and a solid Bengal body type. Armani holds a special place as the first stud we got for our Chic Exotix family and his handsome looks are equally topped with an amazing personality. At over 10# of solid body mass he is very strong, but also a very lovie boy. In his spare time he likes playing with toys, running on his cat wheel, long conversations with his mom (me)and most of all enjoys following me all around the house. Whether cooking, building, watching movies, taking a shower, or carried around like a baby or flopped over my shoulder the bond and dedication is almost unbelievable for a cat (hence the common statement of more like a dog). If anybody says Bengals aren't loveable, laps cats they haven't met Armani. It is my mission to love and socialize each baby so they are just as loveable. Armani has highly recognized names in his pedigree as well as champion bloodlines. Armani himself was one of the first litters sired by the CFAs First Grand Champion Bengal. His great features, champion blood line along with his loveable personality have brought such a great addition to our lives and family here at Chic Exotix. We love him and are so EXCITED to see what amazing little champions of his own he will help sire for many loving homes out there.

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