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Available  Kittens



-Top Quality Traditional to One of a Kind Colors w EVERYONE raised Inside 

-Worldwide Top Quality Pedigrees & Champion Bloodlines.

-Nationwide Happy with many being repeat Adoptees.

-Top Quality, Ethical Breeding & BEST Savings for Price w/All Inclusiveness 

-3.5 - 4mo old youngest Age of readiness to Comply per TICA Code of Ethics 


So what's Included in Chic Exotix Adoption Fees ?

-1-3+ USDA Florida State Health Certificate Signed /Exams by FL Licensed VET

-1-All Age appropriate FVRCP Kitten Vaccines (required kitten vaccines per law)

-Routine Dewormings

-1-3+ Feline Leukemia Blood Test (Negative)

-Feline AIDS Blood Test (Negative)

-1-3+ Fecal direct from Rectum Sample on EVERY kitten Not just Box Sample

-Specialty Hybrid Sedation Neuter/Spay surgery & post operative care.

-Microchipping with you allowed to be first place on registry 

-Kitten Care Portfolio, Helpful Tips, & Lifetime Support

* We INCLUDED HUGE SAVINGS to you upwards of $1k -1500 ++ (going up w inflation in florida Spays are ranging 400-1000 right now fall 2023) in Additional Savings and Health Testing to ensure your'e getting a Health Certified Kitten. Do NOT get scammed by  others not following the FL law. Not doing Essential Vetting for this Hybrid Breed is setting you up to fail with a much higher predisposition to Behavioral/Health Issues Spraying/Peeing and/or Emergent Health Bills for things that should be included in Ethical Breeding.**Specific Kittens may have 100% kitten Vetting done here. When searching elsewhere be sure to ask about your set amount of savings as EVERYTHING a breeder includes is a SAVINGS to YOU!! When choosing your breeder be sure to understand that all additional vetting is out of pocket and part of kittens cost as it MUST be done this is not elective so it will be out of your pocket.

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.PRINCE #1  .
Stunning Mink Huge Rosettes.

 Always looking for his Bros, food, & he likes watching movies. Prefer siblings while    snuggling & can be

   a bit more shy

      Ready Now!


 .PRINCE # 2 .
Stunning Mink 

Large Bold Rosettes.

 This boy loves his siblings and play time and is a big eater. Can be a bit shy so going together or a more       quiet home is 

    probably best. 

       Ready Now


Stunning Clouded Tri-colored Brown. He is going to be BIG and always 

looking for adventure, playing even happy paws in the car hes a          sweetie boy!

Stunning Clouded Warm tones Tri-colored Brown. Always looking for adventure, the next play toy, & cuddling with her Siblings.

    Sweet lil Girl 


Stunning Clouded      Tri-colored     Brown. Striking

  Bold Pattern n Sweet Soul. Loves Snuggling, Bathing

  and Playing with 

    her siblings.

     Lovely Girl 



 .      TINY TOT       .
Stunning Bold Pattern Silver Charcoal. He runted out when weaning so we held on to him. Really wish we could keep him but at approx 9lbs now he deserves to be spoiled 1x1.       He's the sweetest, playful

       & sure to make a

            family happy 



Little Blessings can be viewed @
Click                   Here

**if Not Posted Above

*We do our BEST to assume as much Vetting, Training, Health Cert, and Cost so our CHIC EXOTIX Families are set up to succeed and do NOT have to pay out likely $1,000's in extras REQUIRED by State, TICA or Contractual Vetting that most Breeders will not bring to your attention. Here at Chic Exotix we have the most Modest Prices on our Kittens with 1000.'s in Care, Feeding the BEST, and Vetting in costs you pay out on EVERY kitten. We choose to spend the time and all the added $1,000's upon $1,000s in our Kittens because we want our Kittens to go home as sound and secure as possible. By us doing so... much extra we assume the risk should something go wrong (during surgery, or vaccine reactions etc these things while sad are not classified as genetic so often times will NOT be convered under your genetic guarantee if... your breeder even includes such a thing) not to mention all INCLUDED is for YOUR SAVINGS as you will be responsible for the added vetting and at YOUR cost by adopting from so... many others out there. We pride ourselves in Quality, Worldwide Pedigrees and ALL raised INSIDE with Love. We wait until Health Certified as per State of Florida as this ALSO awards us the opportunity to Place based on Personality. BEWARE ANY and ALL Florida State Breeders Selling you a Kitten prior to Health Certificate or Who dont provide you a Current USDA State od Florida Health Certificate are BREAKING the FL LAW & Remember ANYTHING and EVERYTHING not Included in the price is ALL your Added Expenses and are ALL part of the PRICE!!

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-Exclusive Premier Access

       to ALL litters &     

    Guaranteed Kittens 

    A.S.A.P. per Criteria


   We Have Kittens !!

         As well as

     pairings coming.

   VIP Today to secure

       the BEST spot!

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