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Brown Boy Tacori Bugatti July 2021.jpg
I will Live & Love Forever
in   MAINE
Smoke 1 Big M Godi Bug 9 2021.jpg
1 Smoke M Little Godi Bug 9 2021.jpg
Silver Char Little M Godi Bug 9 2021.jpg
Silver Char Big M Godi Bug 9 2021.jpg
2 Silver Charcoal Lynx M Big Godi Bug 9 2021.jpg
Silver Charcoal Lynx M Godi Bug 9 2021.jpg
Rare SMOKE "Silver" 
Male- I'm a spunky, fun, loving,
full of energy and there's never a dull moment when I'm around. My rare color is like a Black Panther but the silver under lining showcases my vivid rosettes. If you want a vibrant, handsome, dude who will play all day
and snuggle all night I'm your man! 
Striking Silver Charcoal 
Male- I'm a silly, fun, loving,
full of lovings. I'm one of the stunning Bengals who will showcase Stunning contrast in my rosettes but have that bold and beautiful mask with white highlighting around my eyes forever. My BIG beautiful mask is such as exotic look. If you want a vibrant, handsome, dude who will play all day and snuggle all night I'm your dude! 
Brown Female Sissy Dec 22 TnA.jpg
Brown Male Chirstmas D n B 4 2021.jpg
Silver Female Tacori Bugatti July 2021.jpg

Chic ExotixBengals        

Where Exotic becomes Luxury...
add some glitter to your life.
           Female- I'm a spunky, fun ,loving,
full of energy and there's never a dull moment when I'm around. My brother below me and I were the only two in our Beautiful and intimate litter. We are ready and are looking to Love Forever as soon as tomorrow. If you're        interested in My Sister and I as a Pair                     please message Mom on here. 
       IM      AVAILABLE 
                NOW !!!

      Limited Time Only
       Apply/Ask Today!
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Dark Brown Boy.jpg

  CosmicBengal FENDI ofChicExotix


 CosmicBengal ARMANI ofChicExotix


Valentino 1.jpg

   Chic Exotix TACORI





Tiny Silver Female .jpg
Darker Silver Girl.jpg
Medium Clouded Silver Female.jpg
Melanistic .jpg
Melanistic Male.jpg
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  Tailwinds TIFFANY ofChicExotix


  CosmicBengal ARMANI ofChicExotix



  Tailwinds CARTIER ofChicExotix


  CosmicBengal ARMANI ofChicExotix



 I do state in the bottom of my Application that you have read all of this, understand and comply PRIOR to you even being approved or securing your spot or kitten so if its not brought up I feel that you're aware and comply. Bottom Line is just ASK ME ANY questions you may have, I'm here to HELP you find the BEST new Bengal Kitten! I know we have very modest pricing for our Quality and All that's included but I am ALSO aware that I want to produce TOP QUALITY and RARE Colors with very Robust Coats and Bold Rosetting and Spots from great lines and with ALOT of LOVE, Knowledge and Dedication. We are NOT the Cheapest Breeder But we are Very Modest for ALL that we are and this comes to me from the mouths of our Happy Family's nationwide who have come here from as far as California and Maine. I'm 100% ok and Knowing of the fact that Chic Exotix and I am not the Best Breeder for EVERYONE and I am in COMPLETE agreement with that, but WE ARE THE BEST for OUR FAMILYS and those who feel that our Top Quality Bengal Kittens are the BEST for THEM and thast PURRFECT for Me!!

So how do I go about getting a kitten from Chic Exotix?

    Well we realize that not everyone is in the same situation and as such we have done our best to implement a few different options for you.  The very first thing we ask is that you click above on the menu and come fill out our Application. This application goes over a few different things about you, your home life, your desired time frame you're looking to find your kitten and what your Perfect Kitten would be.

From here we typically review your application. As long as we feel we are a good fit for you and may  have your perfect kitten we will follow up with a response via email. I typically set up a phone call to go over our options and or up coming options we feel may be what you're looking for. 

Now here is where our options then come in:

Option 1- If we have a kitten "Available" it can be found under the "Available kittens NOW" button above. All of the pairings that have available kittens that are age ready now will be highlighted in teal. This option is often NOT available as EVERY kitten is first made avalable to the VIPS so don't get discouraged, its sort of a rarity. If you are lucky and we do have Available Kittens listed there is where you will fill out an app, secure your kitten with kitten dep then we get the health cert, set up a time to pick up your kitten, and bring kitten home.

Option 2 (THE MOST COMMON)- If you don't see any kittens available that you're In LOVE with,  nor a count down clock for arrivals coming you can always take advantage of our VIP SERVICE. This is the " $500. secure your kitten today" option you see listed above/below.  The FIRST step is filling out the Application. We will then chat and upon chatting if you feel Chic Exotix is the BEST breeder for you then we simply collect the VIP FEE and then WELCOME TO THE VIP CLUB. Your number on the list will be based on when your dep was received as well as what you're wanting (Ex. Female/ Seal Snow Mink). This is the BEST option is is the NUMBER 1 chosen option for probably 90% of our Chic Exotix Familys Nationwide!! for those wanting to wait to find a kitten in the future or for those who have a specific sex and or color, sibling pair or of different colors, from a certain paring etc. who don't mind waiting for their kitten to arrive to get exactly what you want.  

Option 3- If we have stated above that "Kittens have Arrived/We have open spots available on the waitlist" this means that we now have had a litter born. We have a secure idea of what was born (males versus females, how many snows versus browns etc) but... the litter is just born or too young for reservation. We give our little ones time to grow and  be observed by us prior to over handling, taking lots of pics, and posting on the website. All those on the Waitlist will receive VIP access to the litters info and pics prior to them being made available to the public. This is where its great to be on the WL.  If you're wanting a kitten soon, you want to ENSURE a better pick of the litter along with receive updates prior to the public the WL is a way you can't go wrong. This is for those who know you want a Chic Exotix Kitten and want to make sure you don't gamble with not having the color you want or a kitten left by the time they're made available. 

Option 4- Once we have full filled those on our Waitlist then.... all the remaining "kittens that are available for reservation" will have their portfolios uploaded on to this website. Once they're posted on the website they will be ready for reservation. You then fill out app, full kitten deposit will be required to come visit and/or pick out your little one. The kitten will be reserved until age ready to come home. This option is great for those who perhaps don't really have something specific they want so you don't mind picking form what's available and maybe don't want to wait too long to bring fluffy home.

 Once you shop around and decide you want a Chic Exotix kitten the Worst case scenario would be we don't have exactly what you want right now and you take advantage of our "Up coming" waitlist. Bengals are a very special Hybrid Exotic, Hypoallergenic Breed and as such can be in pretty high demand. I have had many families contact us and after taking the time to decide, hesitate to get on the list, wait until tomorrow... have missed out on the kitten they wanted. If you know for sure you want a Bengal kitten (s) its really never a bad idea to get on a breeders list. Once you're on the list you're ensured a kitten and your dep can always be applied to another should you decide to pass. We can't promise exactly what we will get or how they develop but, we will always try our best to leave the previous litters pics up for reference so you can see which pairing you'd like to be on the list for/interested in as well.

We NEVER want you to settle for just any kitten we want you to find your PERFECT kitten so now its up to you to decide which option works best for you. Don't forget to fill out an Application and if you decide Chic Exotix is where you're wanting to get your kitten from get on the waitlist to secure your new kitten for as low as $500- today!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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